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RMT Massage

Registered Massage Therapist

We currently have one BC registered massage therapist and one Alberta RMT. We offer direct billing for most insurance providers. Please see our RMT page for more information. More...

Healing Massage

(Not available with BC RMT)

All massages at Sea Escape Massage & Wellness are administered by a highly trained staff, most having over ten years of experience. All massages include aromatherapy and conclude with relaxation of the neck, face and scalp. Our Healing  massage is preformed for your individual needs. Our Massage Specialist will work together with you to address areas that need special attention while using the pressure that is comfortable for you.

Shiatsu Massage / Acupoint Oil Massage

(Not available with BC RMT)

Modest and adaptable, traditional Shiatsu is given with the recipient fully clothed, on a comfortable mat on the floor but table and chair versions can be easily incorporated to suit the receivers’ mobility and comfort needs. While some aspects of Shiatsu can be stimulating if needed, most sessions are rhythmic and meditative, nurturing and supportive, leaving the recipient feeling cool, connected, relaxed and a little sleepy.

Acupoint Oil Massage incorporates the wisdom of the acupoint system along with aromatherapy and a relaxation massage to promote healing in the body and mind. The client is un-clothed and covered on a massage table. Discuss with Gigi about this wonderful healing modality.

Hot Stone Massage

(Not available with BC RMT)

Our hot stone massage can be focused on relaxation or a deep-tissue massage. The heat of the stones warm your muscles while the practitioners hands and stones work together deep into your muscles to totally relax your body. As you lay on the stones, your energy chakras are opened, so your body can receive healing energy. Stones are tucked under you heating your body as the practitioner massages with more stones in the hands for the ultimate massage, relaxation and pain relief More...

Couples Massage

(Not available with BC RMT)

Enjoy a couples massage with someone special to you in our spacious couples massage room complete with mood setting lighting and fireplace and the perfect music.

Two practitioners will coordinate mood and movements while delivering sixty-minutes of care finishing with hot towels on back and feet. There is no rush to leave. Relax in your room for an additional 15 minutes with a refreshing drink and chocolate covered fruit before coming back to the real world.

Complete your experience with a refreshing shower. More...

Cranio-Sacral Therapy

Cranio-Sacral Therapy is a gentle, hands on method of evaluating and enhancing the Central Nervous System. No system has a greater impact on health than the Central Nervous system.

The Cranio-Sacral system has a rhythm that can be felt throughout the body. It is very effective in relieving chronic pain and stress from deep within the core of the body. More ...

Reflexology (for Feet, Hands and Head)

Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure to specific areas of the feet, hands and head that correspond with areas of the body to induce clearing of energy blocks as well as to remove toxins from the internal organs. It is deeply relaxing and will encourage your body to slip into a state of relaxation that will help facilitate the natural healing process of your body.

Reflexology can benefit conditions such as plantar fasciitis, relief of sinus pressure from common colds, releasing of tension in neck, back and shoulders due to everyday work stresses, as well as relieving mental stress and allowing the mind to unwind and slow down.

The purpose of Reflexology is to promote healing by stimulating the body’s nervous system to encourage the flow of blood. Therefore, in the process, it not only subdues the sensation of pain but also alleviates the source of pain as well.

Research has shown that one condition that benefits greatly from a consistent course of treatments is fibromyalgia.
The treatments can help quell any number of chronic bowel syndromes associated with the condition. Frequent brief sessions can also help reduce the muscle pain that is associated with fibromyalgia. 
It’s not advised to participate in a reflexology session if you are experiencing the following:

* Athletes foot
* Bruising on the feet
* On Medication for a serious medical condition
* Cuts, grazes, open skin, rashes, bites, burns, fractures
* Among others. Your practitioner will go through a medical history to ensure the treatment is safe.


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