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SeaFlora Professional Skin Care and Thalassotherapy (Ocean Based Skincare)

Hand harvested from the cold clean Canadian Pacific Ocean, Seaflora's nutrient rich certified organic wild seaweed products are packed with vitamins and minerals.Seaflora is the only spa line to blend wild whole seaweeds and natural ocean nutrients and
combine them with the principle of European Thalassotherapy to produce exquisite products that hydrate and feed the body
through the most vital organ, the skin.

Organic Thalassotherapy Exfoliating Body Treatment

A re-mineralizing body scrub with authentic wild ocean components to hydrate and feed the skin with over 60 trace elements. Helps build immunity to toxins and treats skin sensitivities. Overall tone/texture is improved, redness and irritation reduced, leaving it smooth and healthy.

Organic Thalassotherapy Cocoon-Mud Wrap

An oxygenating body treatment that allows for deep penetration of high potency Vitamins A, C, K and E, and potassium to feed and zinc to heal skin. An excellent treatment for those suffering from poor circulations, anemia, joint pain or would like a kick-start detoxifying treatment for a new lifestyle program. This treatment is active and moves minerals deep to assist with lymphatic drainage. Also very effective for treating body acne.

"Head to Toe' in Seaweed"

A full body detoxifying treatment; highly therapeutic and detoxifying, stimulating and targeting all lymphatic ducts to eliminate toxins and balance body. Improves skin tone and texture, assists to reduce the look of cellulite, firms the skin, reduces toxins and calms redness due to rosacea or acne. It replenishes skin with essential vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, and helps promote mind/body balancing. Treats scalp issues and adds body to hair. It is relaxing, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and very effective in treating muscular aches and pains.

Therapeutic and Organic Hand or Foot Cocoon

This energizing luxury will revive your very 'sole'. Relaxing, hydrating, anti-inflammatory, helps restore mobility and particularly effective for arthritis and poor circulation. Add a paraffin dip to accentuate this treatment.

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